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May 18, 2018

With it being the start of film packed blockbuster season George and Charlie felt it was time for another Recent Ramble to share their thoughts on what's sure to be one of the year's biggest releases, Avengers: Infinity War. 

Keeping everything SPOILER FREE and resisting the temptation to go full nerd this is a short...

Apr 26, 2018

To coincide with one of this year's biggest film releases, Avengers: Infinity War, Retro Ramble decided it was time to go back to 1998 to review Marvel's first successful movie – Blade!

Join Charlie and George as they don their leather trenchcoats and delve into the sexy vampire underworld you never knew existed. From...

Apr 12, 2018

In a world of shared universes.... Charlie and George take a break from the RETRO films of their youth to unleash.... RECENT Ramble!

A podcast dedicated to all things...well recent from movies, streaming, books and gaming.

In this first RECENT episode, they review the Spielberg sci-fi nostalgia fest that is Ready Player...

Mar 16, 2018

To coincide with this month's release of Ready Player One, in this episode, Charlie and George tackle the time travelling classic Back to The Future! 

Join the brothers McGhee as they fire up the flux capacitor, hit 88 and reminisce what makes this film such a beloved blockbuster.
Along the way they discuss everything...

Feb 14, 2018

In our Valentines special, we rediscover the 80’s camp cult “classic” that is Tango and Cash.

Charlie and George discuss the smouldering bromance of a very confusing action film that pits two cops, a sharp-suited Stallone and a rough and ready Kurt Russell, against a hammy Jack Palance, some mice and an evil...